Al Alekov
WELCOME to ALPORTAL! To my non-Bulgarian visitors, I owe a quick introduction. My name is Al Alekov and I was born in the city of Vratsa (Bulgaria). I hold a Bachelor's degree in International Communication from Hanze University, Groningen (The Netherlands), a Master's degree in Social Sciences from City, University of London (United Kingdom) and my main career focus has been social and child psychology, intercultural competencies and politics. Sports have always been my passion and in recent years I have been studying Sport Management at Johan Cruyff Institute Amsterdam.
In 2009 I was diagnosed with IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease), which almost killed me. After years of unsuccessful treatment, I started examining the effects of nutrition and prolonged fasting on my condition and in time managed to get it under control thanks to a combination of positive thinking, strict diets and water fasting.
Between 2015 and 2019 I started turning football into my main occupation. I obtained coaching licence, I organised football tournaments for children and created a community, aimed at promoting academy football in Bulgaria. Unfortunately my condition did not allow me to fully pursue a career in coaching, but it didn't stop me from learning a lot about working with young football players in need of advice, psychological support and individual training.
Since early 2021, I am a FIFA Licenced Football Agent while still working with clubs and professionals in promoting sustainable eating habits and providing sound psychological basis for success in sports.